For over four years since this company was established in 2002, multi Sinergi infrastruktur has maintained a quite strong presence and contribution in Indonesia’s Telecommunication Infrastructure areas by providing engineering support which includes planning (Transmission Network planning and Radio Network Planning), BTS Installation, Commissioning and Integration and Drive Test, also Microwave Transmission Installation and Commissioning as well.

Multi Sinergi infrastruktur is privately owned company which formerly took the form as a CV (Commanditaire Vennootschop) or Limited Partnership company under Notary Document no. 02 dated July 3rd, 2002 (refer to enclosed company background for detail information) who recorded by notary public; Deny Haspada, SH.


Spurred by the rapid expansion of the Indonesian economy over the last decade, multi Sinergi infrastruktur has involved by participating in many large-scale projects especially in the telecommunication industry. We have been took the part in Siemens, Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, NERA and Huawei – Chinacomm projects as their main subcontractor and/or subcontractor in the field of telecommunication and information technology industries all over the Indonesia. Our mission is to be your partner for profitable business-networks. That is why we are commit to always exist and consistent in delivering our best services to customers. As over four years of experience in those large-scale telecommunication projects, we have considered and go thoroughly to upgrade our company’s status from CV. multi Sinergi infrastruktur to PT. multi Sinergi infrastruktur – a limited (Ltd.) company - in which gives us more flexibility in company’s policies including but not limited to finance arrangement, government rules and bureaucracy.

The changes of company status have been noticed under official notary document no. 03 dated September 23 rd, 2006 recorded by notary public Herati Adibah, SH.


This brief company profile describes a general progresses were made by multi Sinergi infrastruktur for over four years in the field of telecommunication and information technology infrastructure. Hopefully it would be an instant-comprehension viewing to you to know us better. We can help you turn your projects professionally into the business asset; it should be for you and your customers, at your place of business. By taking us as your partner, at the same time you could create new business opportunities and taps new customer(s).

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Trijaya Danisaputra